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Regional Snapshot


Snowy Mountains Scheme (4,100MW) – Australia’s largest hydro electricity generator

Tathra (30kW) – Australia’s largest community-owned solar farm (120 solar panels arranged to form the word ‘IMAGINE’)

Capital East (137kW) – 1st solar PV and energy storage system registered as a market generator in the National Electricity Market (NEM)

Royalla (20MW) – one of Australia’s largest utility-scale solar PV farms (83,000 panels, powers 4,500 homes)

Crookwell (4.8MW) – Australia’s 1st grid-connected wind farm (commissioned 1998)

Gullen Range (165.5MW) – NSW’s largest wind farm (powers over 60,000 NSW homes)

Woodlawn Bioreactor – one of the world's largest purpose-built bioreactor landfill projects converting waste to energy

ANU Big Dish – world’s largest paraboloidal Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) dish

Geoscience Australia (Symonston, ACT) – utilises one of the largest Geothermal Heat Pump systems in the southern hemisphere (2500 kW heating and 2500 kW cooling)

Large-Scale Renewable Energy Generation Capacity

As at January 2016, the south east NSW-ACT region has some 5,000 MW of installed large-scale renewable energy generation capacity across a number of commercialised technologies:

Solar PV – 20.2 MW

Royalla Solar Farm (20 MW)  Capital East Solar Farm (137 kW)  Essential Energy Solar Farm (50 kW)  Tathra Community Solar Farm (30 kW) Mount Majura Solar Farm (2 MW)

Bioenergy – 40.1 MW

Visy Biomass Cogeneration Plant (30 MW)  Woodlawn Bioreactor (6 MW) ACT Landfill Gas Projects (3.1 MW)  Shoalhaven Landfill Gas Project (1 MW)

Wind – 656 MW

Gullen Range (165.5 MW)  Capital (140.7 MW)  Boco Rock Wind Farm (113 MW) Taralga Wind Farm (107 MW)  Woodlawn (48.3 MW) Gunning (46.5 MW) Cullerin Range (30 MW)  Crookwell (4.8 MW)

Hydro – 4,376 MW

Snowy Mountains Scheme (4,100 MW)  Shoalhaven (240 MW) Burrinjuck (28 MW)  Brown Mountain (5.4 MW)  Icon Water (3 MW)


There is an estimated 600 Direct Jobs in the operations and maintenance of these large-scale renewable energy generators.

NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes estimates there are 13,000 jobs supported by renewable energy in NSW, mostly in regional areas.

Under Construction

Several utility-scale renewable energy generation facilities are currently under construction in the south east NSW-ACT region:

Mugga Lane Solar Park (13 MW)

OneSun Capital Solar Farm (11.2 MW)

Future Projects

Some 3,000 MW of large-scale renewable energy generation projects are at various stages along the development pipeline – totaling some $6 billion in potential investment for the region.

If fully actualised, this would generate an estimated 3,500 jobs during the construction phase and over 300 ongoing operations and maintenance jobs in south east NSW-ACT.

NB: Recognising that the above information is provided by third parties, SERREE takes no responsibility for its accuracy, currency and reliability.