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Green steel: Forging a New Industry in Australia

27 August 2019

Australia is the world number one exporter of both the iron ore and the metallurgical coal required to make the world's steel, much of which takes place in China, India and Japan. Australia's economy depends strongly on the income from these sectors, but at the same time, the Iron and Steel sector produces large amounts of greenhouse gases and will be increasingly in focus as countries seek to address the 'climate emergency' and to meet their Paris Agreement targets.

In this event, several exciting technologies currently under development to transition from the currently dominant steelmaking technology will be outlined, the blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace, to new approaches that are no longer dependent on the combustion of fossil fuels.

Much of Australia's iron ore happens to be located in one of world's best areas for renewable energy resources: the Pilbara. Can Australia forge a new Green Steel industry, based in the Pilbara, which is globally competitive in our future carbon-constrained world? What would it take, and what should we be doing to take the idea forward?


When: 5.30–7.30pm 27 August 2019

Where: Renewables Innovation Hub, 23 Moore Street, Ground Floor 19, Turner, ACT 2612

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