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ACT government to fund 50 new electric vehicle charging stations

The ACT government will announce funding on Tuesday for 50 new electric vehicle charging stations in Canberra, tripling the number of public charging stations currently available.

Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury said the upcoming budget will include $456,000 for installation of the standard dual electric vehicle charging stations over the next year.

The charging stations will be installed on government property, with exact sites yet to be confirmed., a website that shows the location of public electric vehicle charging points, reveals about 23 charging points across the territory's current network, which includes several ActewAGL charging stations.

Mr Rattenbury is due to make the funding announcement during a trip to Bathurst, NSW, on Tuesday, where he will speak at the Bathurst E-1000 Cities Power Partnership roundtable.

He said the announcement marked a major step towards the ACT's zero net emissions by 2045 target.

"With transport expected to create over 60 per cent of the ACT’s emissions by 2020, mostly from private cars use, we're acting to ensure that the territory is well-placed to transition towards electric vehicle use - in line with global market trends," Mr Rattenbury said in a statement.

In the 2016 census, 74.9 per cent of Canberrans said they drove to work, a five per cent increase on 2011.

In April, there were less than 300 electric vehicles registered in the ACT, but that number is set to increase through the government's recently announced plan to move its fleet to electric vehicles.

Mr Rattenbury also said: "As a major employer in the territory, with a significant fleet of vehicles, it is also important that the ACT does our part in promoting sustainable travel."

Mr Rattenbury said the government had begun work with private sector partners to deliver the charging stations and support public awareness of electric vehicle use.

He also said the ACT government would consult with the NSW government and local councils to encourage more charging stations in regional areas.

"The ACT is again proof positive that local jurisdictions are getting the job done when it comes to delivering real action on climate change," Mr Rattenbury said.

The ACT budget will be released on June 5.

Source: Canberra Times

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