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ACT leads the way on greenhouse gas reduction

A new report shows the ACT is well on track to reaching its ambitious greenhouse gas target of a 40% reduction in 1990 emissions levels by 2020, Minister for the Environment Simon Corbell announced today.

The Interim Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report shows that the ACT has met its first legislated emissions reduction target under the Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010.

“This is great news for Canberra, as it confirms that the ACT’s transformation to a carbon neutral city is well underway,” Mr Corbell said.

“The ACT Government is committed to providing leadership and helping our community to respond to climate change.  These efforts all contribute to our city’s transition to a carbon neutral future and will help to establish Canberra as global leader in green infrastructure, training and education.”

In November 2010, the ACT Government set a target of peaking per person emissions by 30 June 2013. The results of an interim 2012-13 and 2013-14 greenhouse gas inventory show that the average resident of Canberra now produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions each year than in 1990.

“I am pleased with this assessment of ACT emissions, as the ACT Government has confirmation that we are reaching our ambitious targets.”

The interim inventory shows that total territory emissions fell by 8 per cent between 2011-12 and 2013-14.
Electricity continues to be the largest source of emissions in the ACT, accounting for approximately 59 per cent of total emissions in 2013-14.

“Reduction in electricity emissions has been driven by two main factors - a reduction of electricity demand by 3.4 per cent and the increasing use of renewable electricity in the ACT.”

A separate ACT Government analysis of energy consumption also shows that the reduction in electricity usage can be attributed to changes in consumer behaviour and improved building and appliance energy efficiency.

These results were released as part of an ACT Government strategy to accelerate the publication of ACT emissions data. The latest ACT greenhouse gas inventory is available at

Source: ACT Government Media Release

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