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ANU energy researchers nominated for Eureka Prize

ANU researchers have been nominated as finalists for five Eureka Prizes in 2018 - the most nominations the University has received since the awards began almost 30 years ago.

The University's previous best achievement in terms of nominations was in 2011, when ANU had finalists for four Eureka Prizes, which the Australian Museum awards for excellence in scientific research, education and communication.

Ten ANU researchers, either individually or as part of teams, have been nominated as finalists for the Eureka Prizes this year.

Professor Andrew Blakers, Dr Matthew Stocks and Bin Lu from ANU Research School of Engineering have been nominated for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Eureka Prize for Environmental Research. They three researchers lead the RE100 group, which has challenged the barriers to renewable energy in Australia.

The team discovered 22,000 sites that are potentially suitable for cost-effective pumped-hydro energy storage, which can be used to help build a secure and cheap Australian electricity grid with 100 per cent renewable energy.

Source: ANU

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