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Australia has the world’s best solar resources

If installing solar power in Australia wasn’t already a no-brainer, then perhaps it will be now, as it has been confirmed that Australia receives more solar energy than any other continent on the planet.

The fact was confirmed by ABC Fact Check, in response to a claim by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. Speaking on the ABC’s 7.30 program, he said, “A fact which some people probably don’t realise is that we have more solar coverage in terms of per square metre in our continent than any other continent in the world”.

This claim was put to the test by the Fact Check team, who consulted experts from the CSIRO and UNSW and drew on data from NASA, Meteonorm and GeoModel.

While it was a close fight for first place between Australia and Africa, and some data put Africa marginally ahead in the most relevant measure for rooftop solar PV (global horizontal radiation), overall the claim checked out.

“Experts told Fact Check there was broad agreement when all factors were considered that the Australian continent has the most solar coverage,” said the Fact Check report.

So there you have it: Australia is number one for sunshine. Although, to be completely fair, the report did admit there was no accurate data for Antarctica.

Source: EcoGeneration

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