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Bulk Buy Solar scheme for your home or business

Community Energy for Goulburn have announced a new solar bulk buy project that will run in Spring to help people buy solar at a heavy discount off the normal prices.

CE4G is a not-for-profit community association and is partnering with Suncrowd, a Social Enterprise specializing in solar technology, to create a large NSW wide bulk buy of solar panels, batteries and meters.

CE4G will be offering anyone in the Goulburn and Crookwell region the opportunity to join in this bulk buy over the next three months.

The scheme is timed to coincide with the end of the NSW sixty cents feed in tariff that many people in the area signed up to 7 years ago.

“This offer is open to anyone who wants to upgrade their current system with more panels, add batteries to their system, or even for those people who don’t have any system at all,” said Peter Fraser, Chair of Community Energy for Goulburn.

“With 5 other communities joining in this bulk buy from as far away as the North Coast and as close as the Southern Highlands, there is a real opportunity to benefit from a big discount off the normal retail prices,” he said.

“And through our Community Benefit Share model a portion of the revenue flows back into the local community to boost renewable energy projects, including the solar farm. So the community gets a benefit as well as the individuals getting a good discount,” said Mr Fraser.

CE4G is currently developing a large solar farm on the outskirts of Goulburn that will be community owned and operated. The plans for the farm are currently with Goulburn Council awaiting development approval.

Mr Fraser said that because this is a bulk buy project, and there is no commercial operator making a big margin, there will be a saving of 15 - 20% off the regular retail price.

“The first rollout of the project has just been completed in the Hunter region with a community group in Newcastle, and savings of up to $2000 were achieved for some of the participants,” he said.

“If you’ve been wondering what to do about the end of the feed-in-tariff, or want to upgrade your current system with more panels or add batteries, or even get a whole new system, here’s a real chance to get involved in a bulk buy scheme that will save you money, and help the community at the same time” he said.

CE4G will be holding an information evening in early November to introduce the scheme and answer any questions. There will be displays of the various products available for purchase, a chance to talk to the suppliers, and the opportunity to meet the locally based installer.

More information can be found at:

Source: CE4G Media Release


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