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Canberra Civic's $14 Million solar potential

A new online tool calculates huge savings could be made by installing solar panels on commercial buildings in the ACT.

How big a saving? Well, upwards of $14 Million, according to the Australian Photovoltaic Institute. And that’s just in Civic, too.

Mike Roberts from the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW, and an APVI board member outlined Canberra’s savings just waiting to be made. Click here to listen.

About the SunSPoT Solar Potential Map

The APVI Solar Potential Tool (SunSPoT) is an online tool for estimating the potential for electricity generation from PV on building roofs in Australian cities. The tool accounts for solar radiation and weather at the site; PV system area, tilt, orientation; and shading from nearby buildings and vegetation.

SunSPoT models typical PV panels and systems that are installed in Australia. However, there are more or less efficient panels and system components available on the market. More efficient panels will produce more energy in the same area, but may be more expensive.

Data only exists on rooftops in the area covered by the insolation heat map. There is no data for ground (non-roof) areas.

Click here to access the SunSPoT Solar Potential Map


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