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Climate Council recognises ACT for renewable energy leadership

Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Simon Corbell has today welcomed a report from the Climate Council that highlights the ACT’s leadership on renewable energy.

The report, Game On: Australia’s Renewable Energy Race Heats Up, which grades Australia’s states on their renewable energy policy settings and performance, found that the ACT and South Australia were “acing the class”.

While comparisons were difficult between states and territories the report found that if interstate projects supported by the ACT were included as part of the ACT’s large-scale renewable energy capacity, “it would have the highest large-scale renewable energy capacity per person out of all the states and territories”.

“This report reaffirms the ACT’s position as a national and international leader on renewable energy policy,” Mr Corbell said.

“While it can be difficult to compare the ACT with other Australian jurisdictions the report finds that our policy settings are supporting our target of 100% renewable energy by 2020.”

The report found that the number of states and territories with renewable energy targets had grown from two to four in the past year and that the two states which had previously had targets, the ACT and South Australia, had increased their targets.

It found that “the ACT’s renewable energy target in place since 2010 is underpinned by measurable and quantifiable actions designed to meet its target, such as the renewable energy reverse auction process”.

The ACT’s renewable energy target of 100% by 2020 was well ahead of other jurisdictions with targets – South Australia (50% by 2025), Queensland (50% by 2030), and Victoria (20% by 2020). The report is available at

Source: ACT Government


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