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Community Energy for Goulburn have made a Milestone

A contract has been signed to build Community Energy for Goulburn's (CE4G) solar farm. The total build of the solar farm will be self-financed by an external company, selling at least 50% of the farm back to the community upon completion. This allows CE4G ample time to raise the required equity before the project completion date, as well as flexibility if 100% of the equity target is not met.

There are some hurdles the construction company still has to jump over, but some action is expected to begin down on Bridge St within the next 3 months. The aim is to flick the switch late in the year or early next year. It’s been a huge journey and a massive learning curve for those involved. This project back in 2014 and most of the original planning committee are still at the helm.

For more information on the project please visit here

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