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Community Survey on ACT Renewables Innovation Hub

The intent of Renewables Innovation Hub is to attract, connect, and develop the relevant skillsets, knowhow (including research capabilities) and networks with the ACT’s thriving renewable energy industry. In turn this is expected to drive the development of the renewable energy innovation and clean-tech industry in the ACT and deliver on the Government’s vision for the Territory as ‘an export-orientated hub for renewable innovation and investment.’

The Precinct and the Hub bring together companies, researchers and policy makers from across the renewables energy value-chain to:

  • foster and build a community of companies within the renewable energy/energy storage industry;
  • support formal and informal collaboration, and the transfer of tacit knowledge and networks between companies – big and small, local and international – and research, trades, training and government sections;
  • promote the identification of market needs-based innovation and research opportunities;
  • facilitate connections between local and international research facilities; and 
  • position the ACT, nationally and internationally, as a ‘centre for excellence’ in renewable energy.

Taking this background information into consideration, the ACT Government would like to not only understand how the Hub is currently performing, but more importantly how the ACT Government can best support and enhance the broader ACT Renewables Innovation community moving into the future.

Access the survey here:

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