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Cybersecuring Your Renewables Plant

The Renewable Energy Sector, Wind Farms in particular are managed by Industrial Control Systems that act like nerve centres connecting turbines, substations, SCADA and other equipment. 

The DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the Australian Census System in 2017 was an embarrassment and inconvenience to concerned parties but a cyberattack on an industrial control system on a wind farm could have dire consequences in terms of financial and reputational risk. 

One demonstration of this issue was staged in 2016 by a couple of security researchers from the University of Tulsa, USA who picked the lock at the base of a turbine tower and then connected a Raspberry Pi minicomputer, the size of a deck of cards fitted with a WiFi antenna between the network port and the turbine controller. 

From the list of IP addresses representing every networked turbine on the farm on their MacBook Pro, they hand-picked a turbine and their next command line brought its turning blades to a STOP. 

This was a penetration test done with the permission of the wind energy company to highlight the little-known vulnerabilities of an increasingly popular form of energy production. 

The attack surface gets even more attractive with the distributed architecture of unguarded wind turbines spread over tens of kilometres monitored on the Internet rather than by traditional in-house control centres.

And it is not hard to imagine the implications on grid vulnerability and energy security, thereon.

KAJE Cyber – Cybersecuring your Plant!

Driven by the need to embrace Cybersecurity in Functional Safety, KAJE Cyber was founded by Dr. John Lear and Keerthy Mysore. 

With their combined experience of over 60 years in Process Control, Automation and the SCADA world coupled with years of training in Industrial Automation & Control Systems Cybersecurity, KAJE Cyber are now poised to deliver lifecycle services in Industrial Cybersecurity with their extended resources. 

Their services range from providing training-cum-workshops, conducting vulnerability and risk assessments to implementing counter measures and facilitating the maintenance phase.

Should I worry about a Cyberattack on my Plant?

KAJE Cyber present “Cybersecurity Risk Assessments of SCADA / Control systems” a Training-cum-Workshop based on ISA/IEC 62443 – Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems at the following locations:

  • Lake Crackenback Resort, Crackenback (near Jindabyne) on the 28th February 2018
  • Gosford Golf Club, Racecourse Road, Gosford on the 21st March 2018.

The training course provides an introduction to Industrial Cybersecurity, the relevant standards and methodologies, tools and techniques and the final workshop facilitates a high-level cybersecurity risk assessment on individual scenarios.

Who should attend?

Engineers, Maintainers, Managers of Industrial SCADA and Control Systems; IT Security personnel wanting to gain an understanding of IT Security vs. Industrial Cybersecurity.

For further details, please visit or email

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