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Denman Prospect: The first Australian suburb with every home powered by solar

Denman Prospect will be the first suburb in Australia requiring solar panels on every home.

Capital Estate Developments managing director Stephen Byron said the western Canberra suburb's building and design guidelines included a requirement for a 3 kW solar system on each residential dwelling.

The average home will generate about 4000 kWh of electricity, reducing fossil fuel emissions by about 3.7 tonnes a year - about the same emissions produced by the average Australian car.

"In terms of environmental benefits, every installation will be like taking a car off the road and it will reduce the carbon footprint of the entire suburb by about a third," Mr Byron said.

Capital Estate Developments has teamed up with ActewAGL to bulk purchase solar systems for Denman Prospect's first 350 houses.

The electricity generated by these homes will be the equivalent of a 1.05MW solar farm.

The company predicts each home's 3kW solar system will reduce annual electricity bills from about $1500 to $1000. This figure is based on a six-star home's annual electricity consumption of 7000 kWh and current residential tariffs.

The cost of the system would be repaid in approximately seven to eight years.

Mr Byron said the bulk buy would cut the cost of installing solar by half.

"The model we are providing is convenient, user friendly and allows families to check their generation via an app over wifi," he said.

"An Australian first, this is a substantial and meaningful commitment to environmental sustainability and follows our commitment to funding from the entire suburb for the Homes for Homes social housing initiative."

Capital Estate Developments will donate 0.1 percent of sale proceeds of land sold at Denman Prospect to Homes for Homes for homeless projects in the ACT.

Mr Byron said he was also pleased the ACT government had committed to extending the building and design guidelines to the suburb's first 24 public housing dwellings.

The first public auction of land at Denman Prospect will be held on Saturday, October 17.

An open day for registered prospective purchasers will be held on Saturday, October 10.

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Source: The Canberra Times

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