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Gullen Solar Farm installs ​1​​0,000th solar panel

Decmil Balance Joint Venture started construction of the Gullen Solar Farm in the Southern Tablelands region of NSW early this year and this week installed the 10,000th solar panel.

The 10 MW solar photovoltaic plant near the existing Gullen Range Wind Farm, 28 kilometres north west of Goulburn, will likely be followed by more co-located generators, says the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which is providing $9.9 million for the $26 million project.

ARENA chief executive Ivor Frischknecht said under the co-location model developers could save money on grid connection, approvals and site development costs including access tracks by co-locating wind and solar plants, while also reducing environmental impacts. Proponents expect savings of about $6 million.

Mr Frischknecht said solar and wind were complementary sources of renewable energy that produced power at different times of the day and year.

"Co-location provides more continuous energy generation, as wind farms tend to generate more energy overnight while solar only generates during the day.

Gullen Wind Farm generates more power in winter and the new solar farm will generate more in summer," Mr Frischknecht said.

"It could also unlock new markets for medium-scale solar PV projects, because scale isn't as important for competitiveness when plants are co-located."

The Gullen solar farm is expected to generate 22,000 megawatt hours of electricity in the first year of operation, enough to supply about 3100 average NSW homes.

The project is due for completion in August this year.

Source: Decmil and The Sydney Morning Herald


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