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Opportunity to join ANU's Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific team

The ANU Energy Change Institute is seeking a world-class multi-disciplinary team to join us in researching how Australia can change the way it trades with the world – based on renewable energy – and lead the transition to Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific.

As part of its Grand Challenge Scheme, the ANU is launching this major new inter-disciplinary project: Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific. The project will undertake world-leading, high-impact research underpinning Australia’s transition to becoming a renewable energy super-power – exporting renewable electricity, energy in embedded products such as hydrogen and metals, and decarbonisation policy and regulatory ideas.

The Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific team is led by the ANU Energy Change Institute, and includes leading academics from across the ANU Colleges.

The ECI promotes research towards the transformation to a clean economy, which will also offer wider benefits to society by increasing economic productivity, and by improving energy access and security.

Successful candidates will work in a multidisciplinary team including researchers from their own discipline as well as other world-class researchers across the social and physical sciences.

We are looking for talented researchers to help us drive a fair, rapid, and sustainable energy transition in the Asia-Pacific. Our primary criterion is demonstrated research excellence relevant to the project. An interdisciplinary background is not required but is highly desirable, and successful applicants will enthusiastically engage in interdisciplinary, high-impact research. We are hiring researchers in:

  • Economics and energy market economics
  • Law
  • Political science
  • International relations
  • Sustainability transitions
  • Chemical engineering
  • Computational chemistry
  • Energy systems modelling.

A PhD in a relevant discipline is required.

Successful applicants will help us drive the zero-carbon energy transition through publishing internationally influential research in the leading peer-reviewed venues. As well as conducting research at the highest level, they will help build the energy-change community at ANU and globally, through workshops, seminars and active stakeholder engagement. We expect them to become future leaders in academia, industry or government.

Positions are available at academic Level B and C and are for an initial fixed-term duration of 3 years with the potential for extension to 5 years following a mid-term project review. For candidates who currently hold tenure-track or permanent appointments at universities, industry or government, and in other exceptional circumstances, a tenure-track or continuing appointment may be considered.

To enquire about these positions please contact Dr Emma Aisbett, T: +61 4 20405980, E: or Professor Ken Baldwin, T: +61 2 6125 4702, E:

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