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SERREE’s Celebrating

The first phase of the SERREE initiative - to establish the region's Renewable Energy Industry Cluster, culminates at the end of 2017, and we're celebrating!  

The SERREE Industry Cluster is now well established, including a network of over 1,000 members - with some 30 Corporate members and 30 Premium members,  has developed a wealth of renewable energy and regional IP, and established communication channels to bring together, engage and inform our members.

We are currently developing a segue SERREE project that will build on the SERREE establishment phase to deliver additional value to our Industry Cluster businesses.  This will include identifying and establishing links to new business opportunities for SERREE members, with a focus on export opportunities.

To celebrate the establishment of the SERREE Industry Cluster, launched at the Arboretum, 11 November 2014, and to introduce new global connectivity opportunities, we will be hosting the next SERREE Business Forum on Wednesday, 22 November at the National Arboretum, Canberra

Given our large membership, this event will need to be ‘By invitation only’, but if you haven’t received your invitation in coming weeks and would really like to attend, please let us know via

We are also organising this year’s SERREE Renewable Energy Day for Saturday, 25 November. Two buses will take passengers on guided tours of many of the fascinating renewable energy technology sites along the Renewable Energy Trail – one visiting ACT sites (bus sponsored by the ACT Government) and one visiting sites in the surrounding NSW region (bus sponsored by the NSW Government).


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