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Solar Bins come to the ACT

Minister for Transport and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris today announced the start of a 12 month trial of three solar-powered self-compacting rubbish bins in three community locations around the ACT.

“These innovative new bins have been installed at Campbell 5 in Campbell, Kingston Foreshore and Link Park at Wright, with the aim of reducing unnecessary bin collections,” Minister Fitzharris said.

“For example, TAMS is currently emptying rubbish bins at Kingston three times a week. We now expect to be able to reduce this to once or twice a week depending on usage and events in the area such as the Old Bus Depot markets. This all adds up.

“Each bin is solar powered and is fitted with a compactor, significantly increasing their capacity. They can hold up to 600 litres of waste, which is over four times that of our regular bins. The bins are also fitted with a sensor which records real-time data on the volume of rubbish.

“By increasing the capacity, the bins reduce overflow issues, reduce the number of collection trips required and can cut related fuel use and carbon emissions by more than half. It’s an exciting waste initiative that will make it even easier for people to Do The Right Thing.

“It will also help to ensure we deliver the best city services we can for the people of Canberra, to keep our city beautiful.”

Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) will remotely monitor the data collected from the bins and schedule bin collections accordingly.

Minister Fitzharris said the trial is the result of a partnership between various ACT Government agencies including TAMS and the Land Development Agency.

“The ACT Waste Feasibility Study is investigating a range of options around how best to manage and minimise waste in the ACT and surrounding regions now and into the future. This trial will help to develop a plan of action around bin quantities, size, location and collection frequency,” Minister Fitzharris said.

Source: ACT Government Media Release


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