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​Solar first for Sutton

Local Australian solar company Renew Estate is proposing the construction of a solar farm 8km north west of Sutton Village, the first project of its type for the region.

While large solar farms have become a familiar sight closer to Canberra, thanks to the ACT Government’s 100% renewables program, this is the first time a commercial solar project has been proposed on the NSW side of the border. New Australian venture Renew Estate is the company behind the project.

Renew Estate Director of Engagement Rosie King said the project was in its early stages, and would require a detailed process of assessment and conversation with the Sutton community. The solar farm will require planning consent from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E).

“We know there is strong support for solar in the Sutton and Gundaroo area, however it’s very important to talk with the community about this proposal. Renew Estate wants to make sure we plan this project to take account of the views of immediate neighbours and the community as a whole. We are excited that the benefits of solar energy could be realised for the region through this project. This project will create new local jobs during the construction and operations phase". Ms King said.

The 120MW solar farm is proposed for the Springdale area and would encompass an area of 350 hectares of land currently used for grazing. Renew Estate is designing the project so that agricultural uses can continue on the site once the solar farm is operational.

"We will ensure that local businesses and communities have opportunities to participate in the development of the project" Ms King emphasised.

Work underway for the project includes investigations forAboriginal heritage, biodiversity & habitat, traffic, visual impact and flood modelling. These will be made available for discussion with the community and will form part of the application for planning consent from DP&E.

Ms King said that Renew Estate was committed to face to face discussions with local residents as the project progresses.

“Renew Estate will continue to outline the timeframes for decisions on this project and we will provide regular updates as to how we are responding to the issues raised by the community” she said.

Information on the solar farm proposal, and contact details for Renew Estate can be found at:

Source: Gundaroo Gazette


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