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Transforming transport for low emissions and cheap, universal mobility

4 May 2017


Come and join the discussion about the future of transportation, an event hosted by Warwick Cathro and Kent Fitch, at the Renewables Innovation Hub, Thursday, 4 May.

Over the next decade we will experience profound changes in passenger vehicles and their mode of use. Improved efficiency standards will reduce the carbon emissions of petrol vehicles. Electric vehicles will become widely used as their range increases and their cost decreases. And autonomous (driverless) vehicles will become a reality, leading to dramatic improvements to personal mobility in Australia's cities and suburbs, reducing carbon emissions per passenger kilometre, reducing accidents, and reducing disadvantage caused by lack of access to efficient and affordable transport.

These changes will be discussed in a public seminar hosted jointly by Warwick Cathro and Kent Fitch, two Canberra residents who have taken a strong interest in these developments and their implications for climate change policies.

The seminar will allow ample time for questions, comments and alternative ideas. The ideas of both the speakers and the audience will be conveyed to the ACT Government through its Zero Net Emissions Blueprint process.

Date and Time:  Thu, May 4, 2017, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM AEST

Location:  Renewables Innovation Hub, 19-23 Moore St, Turner, ACT 2612

Cost:  Free

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