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Wind Forecasting for the NEM at Pacific Hydro’s Clements Gap, Crowlands and Taralga Wind Farms

Fulcrum3D’s wind forecasting for the NEM project aims to reduce uncertainty in wind power generation by providing the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) with high accuracy, short-term wind power forecasts. The project will utilise a turbine agnostic wind forecasting model with distributed sensors.

A key driver for the project is to reduce causer pays that can be enacted when a semi-scheduled generator is unable to meet the generation target as dictated by the AEMO dispatch system.

Short term forecasts are also expected to increase robustness of electricity supply and reduce costs by:

  • optimal dispatch of storage, demand response and other grid support technologies
  • spinning reserve management
  • potential provision of FCAS support
  • assisting with grid connection requirements
  • increase wind farm output via optimal yaw control.

For more information on how this project works please visit:

Source: ARENA Funding

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