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World-leading new greenhouse gas reduction targets for the ACT

The ACT government has cemented its leadership position, announcing it is bringing forward its net zero emissions target from 2050 to 2045. 

On Thursday ACT climate change and sustainability minister Shane Rattenbury said the government was setting a world-leading zero net emissions target for 2045, five years ahead of its previous target.

Interim targets have also been set, including:

  • 40 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020
  • 50-60 per cent below 1990 levels by 2025
  • 65-75 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030

“Our new target of achieving zero net emissions by 2045 will lead the nation, and stands among the world’s most progressive jurisdictions in our commitment to delivering real climate action,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Economic modelling showed that the 65 per cent by 2030 target could be met for a cost of $32 a tonne – about $5.8 million in 2030.

“This is reasonable and achievable,” Mr Rattenbury said. “However, it’s important to note that the modelling shows that our emission reduction plan could even be cost neutral because of the cost savings and co-benefits that emission reduction policies achieve. We are well-placed to respond to future technology and market changes as time progresses.”

Source: The Fifth Estate

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