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ActewAGL helping businesses reduce energy and pocket savings

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In welcoming the ACT Government’s Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme announcement of lighting upgrades for businesses, ActewAGL said it’s exciting to be able to help local companies save money and reduce their energy footprint.

ActewAGL has launched its ‘Big Business Light Switch’ program as part of the government’s latest initiative to transition Canberra to 100% renewable electricity and zero emissions over the next few decades.

General Manager Retail Ayesha Razzaq said ActewAGL is the first energy retailer in the ACT to offer this new program. 

“Our energy efficient lighting upgrades will be free for a lot of businesses and will result in reduced power usage, generating significant long-term savings” said Ayesha.

“As an example, a medium sized retail store with 50 lights operating six days per week could save over $1,000 a year on their lighting costs as well as $1,500 for installation. This is around $6,500 over five years back in the pocket of a local business*.”

Helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions is the driver for ActewAGL offering incentives under the program. The first installation was completed this month at National Mailing & Marketing.

General Manager Dennis Ogden said there was a strong business case to make the switch to LED lights in their office and warehouse, with the potential to save more than 60% on lighting costs.

“This is something we’ve considered for some time, and the offer to replace all of our 250 fluorescent tubes at no cost enabled us to finally go ahead. We are confident that this initiative will significantly reduce our electricity usage and costs in the years ahead,” Mr Ogden said.

“ActewAGL has also committed to recycling all the old lights and fittings that are replaced. So it’s a threefold win – for business customers, for Canberra’s energy footprint and for the environment,” said Ayesha.


Source: ActewAGL Media Release


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