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ARENA seeks new CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is appointed by the Minister for the Environment and Energy on a full-time basis and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Agency.

The ARENA CEO works with the ARENA Board to meet the objectives of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency Act 2011. The Board has set out four investment priorities for the organisation for the coming years:

• Delivering secure and reliable electricity
• Accelerating solar photovoltaic (PV) innovation
• Improving energy productivity, and
• Exporting renewable energy. 

Working with the Board, the CEO is responsible for the strategic planning, corporate governance, management of projects and grant funding while also undertaking high-level client engagement and management across many levels of government, industry, media and the public. The Board may also give directions to the CEO about the performance of the CEO’s responsibilities. 

Additionally, the CEO provides analysis and reporting on the operational and financial results of the agency, including activities to accomplish the agreed vision and business outcomes as set out in the ARENA Act and agreed by the Board.

The CEO also works closely with the Minister on Agency priorities and in the provision of advice on renewable energy and related technologies.

The specific responsibilities of the CEO include:

• Working with the Board to provide strategic oversight and leadership to ARENA consistent with the Act
• Establishing and maintaining a highly engaged workforce and modelling standards of behaviour consistent with the Australian Public Service and ARENA Values
• Driving ARENA’s strategic planning, corporate governance, and management of projects and grant funding
• Undertaking high-level client engagement across many levels of Government, industry, media and the public to accelerate Australia’s shift to an affordable and reliable renewable energy future
• Providing advice on business activities to the Board, the Department of the Environment and Energy and to the Minister, and
• Providing leadership and oversight of the delivery of multiple complex projects that support energy efficiency and low emissions technology. 

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