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Global Connections Fund - Bridging Grants 2017


Bridging Grants are a program of assistance that targets early stage proof of concept and knowledge transfer, product development and market testing, innovation and commercialisation activities.

They are designed to support international SME-Researcher partnerships grow beyond an initial level of engagement such as might be developed during a Priming Grant funded process, into a strong collaboration which leads to the translation of research knowledge and intellectual property into market ready products or services.

Bridging Grants are open for eligibility testing from 0900hr (AEST) on the 2nd May 2017 and close at 1700 hr (AEST) on the 16th May 2017.

A successful pass of the eligibility test is mandated before you can apply for a Bridging Grant.

About Global Connections Fund:

ATSE, supported by the Australian Government, created the Global Connection Fund (GCF) project to provide an exciting set of opportunities for innovation with a global focus.

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