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Local Government Finance Program

Designed to provide flexible and competitive fixed-rate, long-term finance tailored to the needs of Australian councils.
Projects that reduce emissions and/or provide a renewable source of energy are being targeted, including:
  • building upgrades and retrofits that improve energy efficiency
  • energy-from-waste projects
  • LED street lighting installations
  • projects that improve heating, ventilation and airconditioning, and provide renewable energy sources at leisure and aquatic centres (which are typically high energy users)
  • rooftop solar PV projects for council buildings
  • electric and low-emission vehicles (and related infrastructure, such as charging stations)
To be eligible for finance, the total cost of a project (either single or part of a package of works) will need to be greater that $10 million, however multiple councils may enter into joint financing agreements that meet this threshold.
The finance can be drawn over three years and will provide access to fixed-rate senior debt for up to 10 years.

According to a newly released Market Report by the CEFC, Clean energy opportunities for local government, Australian councils are missing out on lower cost clean energy solutions, leading to unnecessarily high operating costs, as well as higher carbon emissions.

Councils should urgently consider tailored debt finance to improve their energy performance and reduce emissions from old and poorly maintained assets.
Councils wishing to secure finance under the CEFC Local Government Finance Program can email the CEFC local government team at:

Visit the CEFC Website:

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