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Supply Chain Mapping

SERREE is pleased to announce our application to the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme – Supply Chain Facilitation has been successful.

SERREE Director Liz Veitch said, “This is an exciting opportunity to map the SERREE region’s capability and capacity in emerging energy technologies, and its supply chain relationships.  This project will help us to identify gaps that can be opportunities for on-going business development.”


To optimise the capabilities of Australian suppliers to meet the needs and requirements of key customers (buyers), and thus to achieve/ maintain global competitiveness.


The capability analysis is essentially a gap analysis.  In relation to supplier capabilities, the process articulates the ‘ideal state’ for key customers and evaluates the ‘current state’, thereby identifying capability gap.  Necessary information and data are gathered through a process of highly structured face-to-face conversations with:

  • Relevant decision-makers in key customer companies (buyers), and
  • Owners/CEOs of supplier businesses (suppliers). 


The resulting Supply Chain Capability Analysis report provides a comparative analysis of data and information provided by both key customers and suppliers. The report describes practical characteristics of the demand-side and supply-side operations of the supply chain.  It also identifies capability gaps and genuine opportunities for improvement.

Participating suppliers who are eligible for AusIndustry assistance are provided with recommendations for action through individual Supplier Improvement Plans. These Plans are tailored to the specific circumstances of each supplier business and are strictly confidential. Eligible businesses are able to apply for funding (on a dollar-for-dollar basis) to address specific capability issues.


This type of project is not an academic exercise.  It is a highly practical initiative aimed directly at improving supplier capability and performance (for the supplier’s benefit as well as the key customer’s benefit).

Key customers are briefed on their suppliers’ capabilities and areas for potential improvement.  Recommendations for improvement in supplier capabilities are made by skilled, independent business advisers.  

Suppliers receive tailored, professional advice and financial assistance to improve their effectiveness and competitiveness. Improvements in supply chain effectiveness are able to be made as recommendations and implemented by suppliers. 

What is required of participating businesses?

Each participating business needs to commit a couple of hours of the time of relevant decision-makers to engage with the project facilitator.  Suppliers who wish to receive individual tailored assistance need to allocate some additional time to work with the Business Adviser.

Further to this announcement, SERREE will be making contact with relevant companies over the coming months to progress this opportunity.  If you have a particular interest in your business being involved in this project, or would like more information, please contact SERREE Cluster Manager